BMW 5 Series

BMW make some of the best, most reliable cars in the world and this 2016 5 series is a true masterpiece. The BMW 5 Series is a classy, elegant and refined executive saloon, with low running costs and a range of fantastic engines. It looks absolutely superb with its enhanced facelift making it look aggressive enough to tear up the road along with its rear that just looks so smooth and smart. They offer so many engines that will affect the running cost to you as a buyer but the one that makes the most sense is the 520d. The 520d has a 2.0litre diesel engine that will give you the lowest CO2 emissions at 66mpg with the best fuel economy and decently strong performance with 0-62mph in 9.5 seconds. This manual 520d is priced at around £30,ooo.

This 5 series looks great and BMW have always done a decent job with this model. The contours on the front and around the sides make the car look a little more sophisticated along with better headlamps that are narrower. The rear of the car is ok. It is fairly flat with nice exhaust and standard rear lights. BMW needs to redesign the rear in our opinion.

The interior is very nice with leather seats and quality materials dressing the dash, doors and sides. The nice thing about this BMW is the nice wide multimedia screen and the stylish gear stick. The big bulging steering wheel can do with a serious upgrade. The 5-Series offers safety features like blind-spot monitors, a lane-departure warning system, xenon headlights with automatic high beams, and a new second-generation night-vision system with pedestrian detection.

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