Biceps – Dumbbell Curls

Take a pair of dumbbells in both hands and face your palms outwards (in this exercise you could lift both dumbbells at the same time or you could lift one at a time I personally recommend that you lift one at a time so that you concentrate on each arm so that you can see maximum results). Lift the dumbbell/s all the way up using your bicep and squeeze your bicep at the top of the curl and then bring the dumbbell back down slowly repeat this nice and slow to get best results.

1st set start with 7kg (beginner) do 10 reps

2nd set 8/9kg 8 reps

3rd set 8/9kg 8 reps

4th set go back to 7kg 12-15 reps


Lift to your comfort ability and don’t try to lift anything too heavy as you could cause injury to yourself. Try to move up by a kg or 2 every week if you can if not make sure you can master the weight before moving on.

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