Best winter aftershaves all men should have

Winters are cold and wet. Every man gets ready his knitwear, jackets, heavy oxford shirts, jeans and all the items to dress in to stay warm. But to make sure you really give yourself the edge you need to really get this life essential right and that essential is the winter aftershave or cologne.

1] Calvin Klien Obsession

This has a warm woody smell that really stands out in the cold months. Potent, powerful, and intensely provocative, this scent is a compelling blend of botanicals, spices, and rare woods. It’s a classic.

2] John Paul Gaultier 

This fragrance has a nice strong smell and is one of kind. Notes include wormwood, bergamot, cardamom, lavender, orange blossom, cinnamon, cumin, wood, musk, amber, vanilla and tonka bean.

3]  Gentlemen Only by Givenchy

Gentelmen Only

This latest addition to Givenchy’s Gentlemen Only stable features notes of saffron, nutmeg and cinnamon.

4] L’Envol de Cartier by Cartier


Imbued with gaïac wood and vaporised musk, Cartier’s new cologne is housed in a beautiful double layered glass bottle, where the inner “capsule” can be removed from the outer glass container and carried separately.

5] Aramis

Created by Aramis in 1965 this fragrance is a refined masculine scent that possesses a blend of rich spices, sandalwood, leather, moss and clove.

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