The best retreat in the world and it will change you forever

How many of us would love to find a retreat in the world that will offer us peace, happiness, beauty and complete relaxation and rejuvenation? If we found such a place we would say it was the best, recommend it to everyone and continue going back there for much more.
We are all looking for a way to get away from our busy, stressful lives for any period of time so that we can relax and reset, then we can come back better and harder to achieve more success. We want to completely get away from our work and sometimes it can be very hard to do that.
We have our phones with us wherever we go and are constantly checking emails, messages and calls just to make sure we have not missed anything important. It is hard for us to completely get away even if we tried and we cling ourselves to work.
We need to try our hardest for the betterment of our progress to try, even for a short period of time to leave behind our trouble and worries so we can relax and be happy. We deserve to be happy and we deserve the best. To get what we deserve we need to let go for a short period so we can achieve what we want faster.
This retreat we are talking about gives us complete peace and relaxation. It teaches us to forgive and forget anyone that has wronged us. It teaches us to focus on the positives, so we can let go giving us a clear mind. That starts to fill us with positive energy that allows us to approach all our tasks with a calm, clear mindset leading us to achieving the best results.
It is hard to find such a retreat and you can go anywhere in the world and try to find happiness but if you cannot let go of all “the baggage”, the negativity and focus on the negative then not matter where you go you will find it hard to be happy.
You need to put the phones and work away for a short period of time and let go of all the baggage. You should do this everyday and go to this retreat everyday.
This Retreat is the MIND.
Let things come and go and see it as destiny, you can’t change any of it. Don’t dwell on the past or regrets as you cannot change them. Let the future go, it is not in your control. You all know that. Live in the present and enjoy the present for what it is. You can only control yourself. Live. Let go. Love. Happiness. You Deserve It. You really do.

[image from ElizabethHagan]

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