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I’m a very picky person when it comes to protein shakes (or powders) and the most important thing for me is the taste of the shake more than anything else, protein content is obviously a point I consider but not as much as taste – whats the point of buying a high protein shake if you can not stand the taste.

I have tried and tested many protein shake brands over the last few years and was told that the taste is amazing by friends and family but I found that non were for me as the taste was not good. Some powders did not mix well and if I get any feel of clumped powder in my shake it triggers an reaction making me spit the shake out and I have no control over that. So I searched around for a few years putting up with disappointment again and again which forced me to leave protein shakes for a while.

A few months ago I came across The Protein Works and thought here is another brand that claims great flavours but is probably just another brand after my money that in return will give me another bad tasting protein powder. So I looked online for reviews and all turned out to be positive claiming the flavours are great which lead me to order my first bag of powder.


I got the bag in a few short days (very well packed) and opened it with no real hope until I made my first shake and let me tell you it was DELICIOUS, the powder mixed really well wether you mix by shaking or by blender or use milk or water, there was a light consistency making the shake go down really well and the flavours are above and beyond what you would expect, making it my personal favourite brand and one that I order from again and again. This was the best protein powder and was ground well giving it a silky smooth look. This is a powder or shake is for both men and women.

Should you want to order use this referral code: HA96590

With this code you will get a FREE 250g bag of protein or FREE 5 Whey Protein 80 i-taster shakes which I would highly recommend to get first so you can get a taste for the different flavours for your liking then you can go ahead and order the flavour of your choice.

They deliver throughout the UK and most of Europe but not the rest of the world, please check to see where they deliver before you order.

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