A few of the best mens grooming products

Looking after ourselves is very important and it shows we care about how we look and feel. Un-groomed, shabby men show that they really don’t care about how they look and that puts you in a bad light with some people. Looking good and well groomed shows people that you are a smart, well kept man who takes pride in his appearance and shows you may take pride in other aspects of your life more than others.

We have picked some of the best mens grooming products that we have come across and loved and we hope they can help you in some way. These products are not very expensive and they work well.

Bed Head TIGI styling paste

This is a product that does what it says on the tin. It works well and holds your hair in its position. It works on both thin and thick hair and wet and dry hair depending on how you like your hold. This is a product we do recommend for hair. “For guys who want controlled separation. A versatile cream-to-paste fusion that creates texture, hold and control. Natural emollients, antioxidants, and essential ingredients keep hair conditioned, moisturised and healthy.”

Fish Original Fishfibre Pliable

This is another great hair product that has been around for some time and is one that most people rely on to get the job done. This product is around £6 and is overall very good. “Fish celebrates with twenty years of cutting edge style from the infamous Fish Hairshop, born in Soho, London. Fish Medium Hold Hair Styling Fibre has a unique formulation that holds the hair in place whilst giving it that ‘I’ve just come off the beach’ finish”. For best results use a pea sized amount and work evenly through towel dried hair.”

Label.men scalp purifying shampoo

This shampoo actually works and leaves your hair nice and clean, you can actually feel the cleanliness. This is a gentle daily cleanser for all hair types with a menthol scent. Designed specifically for men using a new and exclusive ingredient blend: the eleMENts complex and innovative Micronization technology. Strengthens and builds thickness, leaves scalp toned and refreshed, for clean healthy results. This exclusive and unique formula has been created with only men in mind. Suitable for all hair types.


Aesop are best known for their grooming products and they create some of the best products on the market. They have everything from skin care to body and hair care and are definitely worth checking out to get those all important products for certain part you of your body you need to take care of.

Mens Dove deodorant underarm roller

Underarms get sweaty and some deodorants really don’t last, leaving your armpits to create some unwelcomed smells. This Dove underarm roller is excellent and really smells good. It lasts a lot longer than most underarm sprays that don’t work so well. I recommend this product.

Vaseline Aloe Vera moisturizer

If you want a moisturizer that does the job than look no further. This product will get rid of that dry skin and leave you feeling revitalized. Don’t forget that drinking plenty of water is the best way to get your body clean and hydrated but this is a little something just incase you need it.

Looking after yourself is very important and if you don’t do it who is. Make sure you get the best products for yourself and look around the market for the products that work well on you. Make sure you really look after your hair, skin and all round hygiene so you can be the best you can be all the time. Don’t let these parts start to deteriorate due to neglect as they make you.

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