Aston Martin Vulcan

The Aston Martin Vulcan is a supercar launched in 2015 by Aston Martin with only 24 models made worldwide. It is a rear-wheel drive, track-only sports car that runs on a naturally aspirated 7.0litre V12 engine mounted on an aluminium alloy chassis and carbon fibre body delivering around 800 brake horsepower. The Vulcan is fitted with carbon ceramic brakes and has a kerb weight of 1350 kg. The Aston Martin Vulcan has a top speed of 215mph, hits 60mph in 2.9 seconds with its Xtrac 6-speed sequential gearbox and brakes from 60mph in 88 feet.

Aston Martin have done a great job creating something unique here. The Vulcan sits very low with a racing bumper, sleek design with contours and deep airflow cutouts dressing the car. This car is not one that can be driven on roads, it’s made for race tracks. The rear tells you it’s made for the race circuit with a nice big spoiler and big exhausts. Generally it looks very good.

The interior of the Vulcan features an full roll cage. This cage provides maximum safety with the minimum amount of intrusion into the cabin. The seating is supplied by Recaro, the seats are full carbon fibre racing seats, the seats feature an adjustable driver’s side and a fixed passenger side. The most noticeable thing is the steering wheel, this steering wheel is a bespoke Carbon Fibre wheel. The functions include; Starter Button, Neutral, Pit Lane limiter, Indicator, Flash-to-pass, Adjustable ABS and Traction control and Wipers. The Paddle shift controls are on the back of the wheel rather than steering column. You also get a driver display, a fire extinguisher – just in case you drive so fast some part of the car combusts and you also get Driver’s Intercom that will be integrated into both the driver’s and instructor/passenger crash helmets. The same intercom will also allow driver to pit wall communication.

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