Aston Martin DB11

This new Aston Martin DB11 is a successor to the DB9 and is made with a aluminium body. Aston Martin always seem to create beautiful cars, cars that are always impressive and well designed. The exterior design is unquestionably Aston Martin with its smooth contours, wide stance and streamlined shape giving it an attractive but aggressive look.

“A fearless design philosophy has led to the DB11’s iconic looks. Discover the striking new grille, clamshell bonnet and innovative Aston Martin Aeroblade, a way of flowing air through the DB11’s bodywork.” Aston Martin

The biggest leap forward is the interior, however, with a beautiful new design to the cabin and both hardware and software are lifted from Mercedes but clothed in Aston. Whether using it day to day or on a long, cross-country journeys, having a satnav, radio and Bluetooth connection that are all easily navigable makes the new DB11 feel like a much more habitable place to spend time in compared to any other recent Aston. All the materials are hand crafted and souped from the highest quality factories.

A full-colour 12inch TFT LCD display presents primary vehicle information with absolute clarity, while a second, centrally-mounted 8inch TFT screen is dedicated to infotainment. With a luggage compartment that can swallow two golf bags and the ability to fix two child seats, this exhilarating Grand Tourer fits perfectly into your life. The door apertures are larger than previous DB models, front seat occupants enjoy 10 mm of extra headroom, while rearwards, a 54 mm increase in headroom and 87 mm more legroom mean DB11 is a true 2+2.


The new twin-turbo, all-alloy, quad-cam, 48 valve, 5.2-litre V12 is a mighty piece of machinery. It outputs of 600bhp and 516lb ft, the DB11 is the most powerful road car Aston has produced. As well as being fast it is also more economical as the V12 has cylinder deactivation and stop-start. The power is sent to the rear wheels via ZF’s ubiquitous but very good eight-speed automatic gearbox. There is also a mechanical limited-slip diff and active torque vectoring using the brakes. Off the line the DB11 achieves a 0-60mph time of 3.7sec.

Guys this is a beautiful car to drive and one that is exciting and exhilarating. With its responsive steering and responsive acceleration we don’t think you can have a dull moment in this car. Prices from£154,900.

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