7 things you need to know about the PS5 and new Xbox Scarlett

ps5 xbox scarlett

Sony unveiled the first details about the next-generation PlayStation 5 at the end of April and Microsoft unveiled the first details of the next-generation Xbox codenamed Project Scarlett at E3 2019.

7] The PS5 will have an eight-core, third-generation variant of AMD’s Ryzen CPU. Nothing about the CPU of the new Xbox has been released just yet.

6] PS5 say there is cutting edge AMD Navi tech concerning its GPU. This makes the PS5 capable of outputting visuals at 8K resolution, while capable of rendering all kinds of effects (Ray Tracing) at high resolutions. That means get ready for a truly immersive gaming experience. The Xbox will have AMD silicon for its GPU, AMD Navi technology that allows 8K visuals, 4K visuals at 60/120 frames per second, real-time raytracing. This means the new console is around four times more powerful than Xbox One X.

5] As for the memory of both consoles nothing has been mentioned just yet.

4]  The PS5 is getting rid of a regular HDD for a proprietary SSD, this means quicker access and load times. The Xbox will have a super fast SSD to reduce loading times. No real amounts have been released yet.

3] The good thing about the new PS5 is that it will be able to play PS4 games and support PS4 saves. The new Xbox will support all Xbox games going back to the first generation which comes at no surprise as the Xbox One plays other Xbox games going back the two previous generations.

2] The controllers have not been confirmed from either console producer. The Xbox unveiled the Elite Controller at E3 2019, could they use this for the new Xbox?
1] Both consoles will use disks. There is not price confirmed as of yet for both consoles and both will be released sometime in 2020.
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