7 steps to building a killer wardrobe

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When people look at us the first thing they notice is our appearance. What we wear tells people a lot about us from our character to the way we feel. Wearing dark, shabby clothes constantly can scream depressed, while wearing nice, colourful clothes can say we feel good about life. When trying to build a timeless wardrobe you need to start with good foundations. You need a good variety and style of clothing, that not only fit well but are of great quality. Get some nice colours in the mix, colours can help lift your look. We have selected 7 steps to building a killer wardrobe.

7] Suits

Every man needs at least 2 suits in his wardrobe. A black suit and a suit of colour, like a nice grey suit. The black suit is needed for events like work, funerals (I hope these are few are far between), formal events. The grey suit is a suit of elegance and can also be worn to work and other events that call for it. These suits give an elegant look so make sure they are of good quality and fit well.

6] Shirts

Every man needs shirts in his wardrobe as essentials. These shirts should be plain and coloured, some striped and some in a pattern of your choice. Make sure your shirts are of different colours, well made and a good fit. You can match your shirts with a nice pair of chinos or jeans.


5] Jeans

It is good to have a pair of dark blue jeans in your wardrobe for casual wear. You can also have a black pair if you want. These jeans are perfect for a smart casual look. Wearing a white shirt with these pairs will give you a look of elegance. You can mix and match your shirt choices but the colour of the jeans is important for your look. If you want a constant elegant look the pairs mentioned above should do the trick.


4] T-shirts / Polo Shirts

You need some black and white t-shirts as essentials. These are for you casual wear. You can wear them with some nice jeans and a jacket for a really cool look. You need some polo shirts that you can match with your chinos for an elegant casual look. Picking the right polo shirt is vital. Make sure it is well made, fits well and looks good. Ralph Lauren do good quality polo shirts.

3] Chinos

We all love them. Matching a pair of these with a nice shirt or polo shirt can give a really effortless look. When buying a pair of chinos looks for some navy blue pairs and some light beige pairs as they go with most colours.

2] Shoes

When it comes to shoes and trainers, I personally like the best. I like wearing nice trainers like common projects and some nice loafers. I can be happy all day long with a nice pair of loafers. Wearing the right pair of trainers is vital for your look. So get a smart, universal pair that can be worn with your jeans and chinos. Trainers should enhance your look. With loafers you can really take your time to get a great pair like car shoe or some Tods. Loafers will always enhance your look and make it elegant.

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1] Accessories

Accessories can be hit and miss with some people and some styles. You need a good watch – make sure you have a timeless timepiece. A watch says a lot about the personality of a person so be careful in what you pick and wear. Get a nice pocket square for your suits, one that will add a little more to your look. You need some nice cufflinks and tie clips. Have a nice formal jacket and one casual jacket in your wardrobe. Like a peacoat and a wind breaker. Some nice blazers is a must to throw on over your shirt and chinos.


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Have a wardrobe that you like turning to everyday and will enjoy going to. When you wear your clothes they should make you happy. Having a good fit and a nice appearance will make you happier and more confident. When buying clothes, buy what you like. Buy for style not fashion. Fashion fades quickly – style lasts forever.
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