7 must have professional features for a realtor website

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Online presence is vital for any business today. This is necessary regardless of size, industry, and age. So realtors need a website to market their business. However, the ideal website for realtors should have some features to make it stand out. This is very important to beat the competition in the market. It is very important to choose professionals to design your website for a good return on investment. Here are features to expect on a professionally done realtor website.

Highly responsive design

More people today use the internet on phones than on desktops. Therefore, the ideal realtor website should run effectively on smartphones and tablets. Many potential home buyers search for properties on the go. So, a highly responsive design on your website will ensure that the site is accessible on any platform, device, or browser.

Tablets and smartphones have small screens require touch input and need good mobile internet speed. Users have to be comfortable browsing your website on these devices when away from computers. A site with refined user experience regardless of device enhances your brand‘s online experience. Equally important is a web design optimised for premium searchability on mobile devices. This is very important since responsive sites receive a higher ranking on Google.

Simple navigation

The ideal realtor website design should follow the 3 clicks rule. The optimal number of clicks for a user to find relevant information they need should be three. This means your website is quick easy and convenient to use making clients happy. Achieving this requires having fixed headers in the main section always visible. Additionally, the site should have topic-focused guides to direct visitors and for good search engine optimisation. All menu items should be limited to seven and should have huge footers giving an overview of the site’s main section on each page.

Lead capture

The effectiveness of a realtor website is more than the number of clicks and views. It should have an effective tool for capturing leads with the potential to become new clients. Your site should not trail visitors off without making a connection. Smart call-to-actions are effective at offering users information. These should highlight why users should subscribe to updates regarding market trends and new listings.

Your site needs strategically designed graphics with a layout attracting viewers’ attention to your contact form. Additionally, offer some freebies including eBooks on your site or exclusive access to pocket listings. It is very important for users to have various options to connect with you by having a contact page prominent on every page. Equally important is to offer links to your social media accounts for quick and accessible connection.

Search bar

For visitors who come not just to find real estate on sale, a search bar is an indispensable feature on your site. Keep in mind that some visitors are tech-savvy while others are novices. A search bar is very important in helping users know where to get started. A search bar on your site enhances the chances of getting leads for chances of getting clients. The types of search tools to include on your site include:

  • Compact and simple to use quick search toolbars
  • Advanced search page with varied search parameters
  • Visually appealing Interactive map search page

Featured listings

Potential buyers searching for a home in an unfamiliar neighbourhood need assistance to ensure they don’t take a lot of time and effort. Displaying featured listings makes it easy to see the latest deals and recommendations. Featured listings are essential for realtors specialising in particular types of properties. These listings allow showcasing the best properties including new constructions. Customised layouts summarise and make it easy to search for properties without spending too much time and effort.

Quality images

Realtor websites need images to showcase available properties. Images keep users more engaged to evoke imaginations and feelings regarding a property. Potential property buyers create images of scenarios and lifestyles in a property that catches their fancy after looking at the images. Additionally, images break the monotony of blocks of content on the website pages. Placing the relevant images strategically effectively enhances content readability. Invest in professional photography to create more authentic and personalised images for a trustworthy feel.

Testimonials, reviews, and affiliations

Stellar testimonials and reviews make a great impression on potential property buyers. Your website needs dedicated space on the homepage for testimonials and reviews. These should highly your strengths and memorable anecdotes. Additionally include some video testimonials from satisfied customers.

Equally important is to have your important industry affiliations and key partners highlighted on your site. Showing connections with reputable brands and companies boost credibility. Additionally, your partners will appreciate acknowledging them on your website.

Bottom line

With everything going digital, realtors should consider having websites to market their services. This requires finding professional designers for a site that generates leads and gives users convenience. Above are some features to have on a professional realtor website.

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