7 House viewing tips you must know

  1. Drive by your new home. Getting a quick look at your new home should not be underestimated. You should go and see your new home from the outside even before your first viewing as this will give you a rough idea of knowing if the property is for you. This will also give you a rough idea of the neighbourhood as you will drive around other streets too.
  2. Be prepared before your first viewing. Make a list of all the things that are important to you that you are looking for in the new home like look, working appliances, working lights and general style. Ask all the questions you want and make a list before the house viewing. Then once you’re in the house nothing will slip your mind.
  3. Never go to a viewing alone. Take someone with you like a partner, friend or the estate agent. This way as well as being safe you can have another mind there to ask questions you may not have thought of and bounce ideas off.

4. Check the property. Check the condition of the outside walls, look to see if there needs to be any repointing done (filling cement between bricks), check for leaks, roof condition and general condition. Be thorough as this is one of the biggest purchases in your life. Check the inside of the house like cupboards, piping, boiler, lighting and everything else as if it is already your home. Check for damp and check fireplaces and heating.

5. If possible ask to see utility and council tax bills to get a rough idea of what you will be paying. Then ask what’s included when you buy your property like fixtures and fittings – curtains, chandeliers and the like as some people take them with them.

6. Ask for what work has been done to your new home recently and check it out. This will give you an idea of what was recently done and hopefully won’t need your attention. Then you can look and what maybe needs to be done and you can ask current owners to fix it if needs be.

7. Be nice. Build a rapport with the seller. This will make you look good in their eyes, which can be helpful when you want your offer accepted. This can help with a smooth sale too.

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