7 habits of very successful people

What makes successful people successful? We all wonder what they do differently that gets them to be where they are. There are some common traits among successful people and these traits are very important in achieving success. Success is not limited to race, IQ, height, size or the size of your bank account. The only thing between no success and success is you.
7] They confront the brutal facts
The very successful people confront the most brutal facts about their reality. The see what works for them and what does not and then eliminate the things that don’t work. They keep what works and make it the best they can possibly make it. The things that don’t work hold them back and make them lose time, money and energy that could have been used to get ahead elsewhere. They know when to make the right decisions to cut out things that don’t work. They have discipline in confronting the facts. I highly recommend reading one of the best books I have ever read on Business, Jim Collins, Good to Great.
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6] Faith, Belief and Confidence
The very successful people have faith that they will prevail no matter how difficult the circumstance nor how many obstacles are in their way. They will have a plan to take them from where they are now to where they want to go and make sure nothing gets in their way. They have the belief and confidence in what they do and the skills they have and that it very very important. You cannot afford to lose faith, know one day you will prevail.
Do not put a time limit on success no successful person has ever done that, just have faith that one day it will work. Don’t be too optimistic, be a realist.
5] Persistent 
No matter how hard things get successful people stay on track with their plans and continue to execute them. Even if the whole industry in which they operate is falling they persist to be the one company to stay ahead and succeed. Persistence is powerful and can be the factor to take you to the top. Even when things look like they won’t work out, keep persisting having faith that it will all work out.
4] Help others
Successful people are always helping others. Helping others teaches you how to be humble, generous and selfless. They help people with charity or teaching them how to be successful. Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg and others have charities set up to help people all over the world and to develop cures for world diseases. They also donate their wealth to their causes hoping to leave the world a better place after they go. To set the world up to be better than when you got here is a great cause and one that’s worth fighting for.
3] Read
Successful people love to read. Reading not only teaches you what you would find difficult to find anywhere else but opens up your eyes to everyones elses worlds through their own eyes. Reading autobiographies may teach you some lessons that you may have taken a while to pick up elsewhere. Reading is powerful as it keeps you mind occupied and teaches you something new every single day and that is priceless. Worth more than the cost of the book. There are so many great books out their on so many successful people that i strongly recommend you start picking some up and reading them, it will help you out.
2] Meditate
Successful people meditate every single day. Why? you may ask. Meditation is powerful as it brings you into now. Our minds are always thinking of the past or future never the present, the moment we are living in. Once we have control over the moment we are living in and are always thinking then we can make the best decisions and be the best people we can. It also makes us calms and focused allowing us to concentrate on tasks better helping us achieve success in every task we do. These small steps add up and help contribute to overall success.

1] Think

Successful people are always thinking. To think about the present moment or the business and how to improve them or make them better leads to the actions to do so. Thinking helps make things clearer and aligned. So when it comes to doing the actual task you have pre thought it and know what direction to go in. Think about every moment is powerful and thinking before doing is very helpful, minimising mistakes. You must always know what you want to do and have a path defined of how to get there. Think about it and always keep learning to make yourselves ready to get what you set out to get.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” Unknown

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