7 of the most expensive number plates in the world

Everybody has a number plate stuck to their car to tell who the owner of the vehicle is. Most of us have standard issue number plates but there are some people who have customised or private number plates for their cars. Some of these number plates are worth hundreds of pounds and some a lot more. There are some number plates that are worth a mind blowing amount and they belong to some of the rich and famous. We have picked 7 of the most expensive number plates in the world for you guys to check out.

7] VIP 1 (£285,000)

In 2006 Roman Abramovich who is a Russian billionaire and Chelsea Football Club owner bought ‘VIP 1’ for £285,000.

6] S 1 (£404,063)
S 1 originally belonged to Sir John HA MacDonald, who served as Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland from 1888 to 1919. It was issued in 1903 when motor registration marks were introduced. In 2008, it was bought for £404,000 by an anonymous buyer.
5] F 1 (£440,625)

F 1 was purchased for just under half a million pounds by Afzal Kahn in 2006. There is no doubt that this plate has increased in value. Kahn allegedly turned down a £6 million offer in 2014, and had the plate on the market for almost £10 million.

4] X 1 (£502,500)
X1 was bought by a private buyer in 2012.
3] 25 O (£518,480)
The most expensive plate in the UK was purchased by classic car dealer John Collins.

2] 5 (£3.5 million)

Talal Ali Mohammed Khoury broke the world record for the most expensive plate ever bought when he paid over 25 million Dirhams (£3,500,000) for the “5” number plate in 2007. While in the area, Mr Khoury also splashed out over £800,000 for the number “55” at the same auction.

1] 1 (£7 million)
Saeed Abdul Ghaffer Khouri bought a number plate bearing the single digit “1” at an auction in Abu Dhabi, 2008. Mr Khouri, a member of a wealthy Abu Dhabi family, said: “I bought it because it’s the best number.”
[image from capitalreg]

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