7 advantages of buying a new car

7 advantages of buying a new car
We all look forward to a buying our own very new car. It is a satisfaction that burrows deep into our hearts. When is comes to finally buying a car there are doubts as to whether you should buy a new car or a second hand car, we have 7 advantages of buying a new car that may help your decision.

7] Peace of mind

When it comes to buying a new car you do not have to worry about the condition of the car as it is a new car. This may sound trivial but when buying a second hand car there is a lot more work involved like checking the engine, body work, tyres and more. With a new car you can relax knowing that everything is brand new and you can drive away with peace of mind.

6] No MOT for 3 years

When in comes to buying a new car in the UK, you do not have to get a MOT for your new cars for 3 years. That means not taking it to the garage every year and waiting round for them to check over your car and paying the cost. You get to relax and enjoy your car knowing it is new and working for 3 years. This is a nice little plus.

5] Comes to your specification

The car will come as you want it. That means you get to pick the colour, the body work, headlights, roof options, exterior add ons, colours of seats, technology and so much more. You get to make the car truly yours and that is a nice thing. You do not have to make trade offs like second hand cars but completely enjoy your vehicle and all that you have requested on top. So get busy and make your next car truly yours.

4] Warranty

When you buy your new car you get warranty with it. That means if there are any minor damages or faults the dealership will fix them so you have no extra costs. You can choose a 5 year or 7 year warranty on some cars giving you a real peace of mind. You can also add service packages so you know when it comes to servicing your car you are in good hands with your dealership and not any old car garage doing what they want to your car.

3] New car smell

That intoxicating allure of a brand new car smell. The combination of leather and materials give a smell that you can not get anywhere else. Enjoy it while it lasts.

2] Deals

When you get a new car there are great finance deals and offers that you can get. Some dealerships offer a 0% interest rate for period of time, meaning you pay the car off faster. You can then pay off the car in monthly instalments with no interest for a set period of time and then choose to buy the car or return it. This then means you do not have to worry about selling it and can move onto your next car.

1] History of car

You do not have to worry about the history of your car. There will be no previous owners, no need for checking MOT and service history. A brand new car comes with no history making it very welcomed. You don’t have to waste time figuring out if the car had any previous accidents or damage. You don’t have to take a shot in the dark and hope that the previous owner/s looked after it well or not.

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