7 actual ways to build backlinks for your website

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Building backlinks is a major part of SEO (search engine optimisation) and is the best way to increase your page rank. The more genuine backlinks your site has from other good sites the higher your website will rank on Google. To get backlinks requires work and is not easy.
When you publish content to your site your article along with any images (if you used any) will get ranked somewhere on Google. Some people may pick your article or image to use on their site and then add a link to your site to credit you for the content they use from you. That is one backlink. The better or more popular the site that uses your content means a better more reliable backlink and that will help rank you higher. You can pay for backlinks but google will pick up on that and penalise you potentially damaging any chance your site has of becoming popular. So how can you go about and generate backlinks? Read on.
7] Promote your blog and content
Great content won’t get you noticed or get you backlinks unless you promote it. Share all your content to as many social media platforms as you can including Pinterest. Share consistently and to do that you need to blog regularly. Pick one or two days of the week where you can create content. If you can create as much content as you can to keep for later,  just in case you get busy later on. Then publish these posts on set days like the days you create the content. Publish one or two posts each day or what ever you can do consistently so google knows your still active and can keep crawling your site.
6] Learn from your competitors
Look at what they are doing and what kind of articles they write and copy them. To become successful why not copy someone that is and do better. Look for their link-building techniques and their content-marketing methods. If they are getting links through guest blogging, try to become a guest blogger on the same websites.
5] Infographics
Infographics are a popular method for generating traffic for your website and gaining valuable backlinks. That’s because they’re easy to understand and share. People like visual data so make infographics and they can be shared and added to other sites easily earning you backlinks.
4] Link out to other site in your articles
Linking out to other sites could get you a link from them. You can link to another website and then reach out to let them know you shared it on your own website. This way you can build a relationship. Since you gave them a backlink, they may give you one later on.
3] Write testimonial and leave comments
Go onto your favourite website and leave testimonials about their products with a link to your site or leave comments on other blogs and that will have a link to your site. If your comments and testimonials get approved and they are published on these big sites then that could increase traffic for you. Now don’t leave any old comment, mean it and be sincere. Your traffic could see a welcomed spike and you will have a backlink.
2] Look for similar website or blog and email them
This is a good way to build quality backlinks. Look for sites similar to yours (similar content and flow) and read some of their articles. How closely are they to yours? If they are similar email them saying who you are (link your site) and offer to write a guest post (guest article) for them. Now a lot of sites you email will never reply but keep going and email as many as you can to increase your chances. One in one hundred – 1 in 100 will reply and like that you can build up your links.
1] Post Quality Content
Make sure you posts quality content or none of the above matters. Make sure your write quality articles with compelling title and add images and videos with alt-attributes and titles. This will help you as google has more to add in your ranking (not only the article but images will rank, meaning more visibility so higher chance of someone picking up on your content to link). Make sure your content is varied and you have many different articles like list articles, how to articles and the like.
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