6 ways to use Pinterest to grow blog traffic

You may have an amazing blog with quality content but no readers are showing up. You may write day in day out but still you get no traffic. Pinterest is an increasingly popular way to grow your blog and get a good amount of traffic. Pinterest is a method used by many bloggers and counts for up to 80% of their traffic source. When used right Pinterest can be powerful. We have the best 6 ways to use Pinterest to grow blog traffic and we hope you can learn a thing or two.

1] Create a Business account

Business accounts are free and you can signup for one whenever. You can also covert your account to a business account and that is free as well. When doing this you will have access to features like Pinterest analytics that show you how your pins are preforming so you can make a change to do better should you need to. You need to know which pins are doing well and which are not so you can know what works and what does not. Keep what works and throw out what doesn’t. This will then help you with your pin strategy so you can improve for the best.

2] Creating blog boards

When creating blog boards make sure you name them in a term that is searched for and a name that is suitable for your blog topic. This makes it easy for people to find your board when searching a term. If your blog post is about men’s fashion then label your board men’s fashion as that is a searchable term and will be easy to find. If you name the board your unknown blog name followed by style or something then it will be harder to find. We have changed our Pinterest boards to searchable terms and we have seen an increase in traffic. Make sure all your blog boards are named well so they show up when a term is searched.

3] Join group boards

Join group boards as that is a great way to get your pins in front of people. Group boards are Pinterest boards with multiple contributors and each contributor adds new content to the board whenever they wish. Group boards are a great way to help your pins gain momentum leading to increased blog traffic. Group boards will often have rules that you need to follow. The rules and instructions on applying to a group board can be found in the board’s description.

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4] Pin Often

The more you pin the more likely you are to get people engaging. The more engaged your followers are with your content the higher you will rank higher in Pinterest’s Smart Feed algorithm. People say pin at least 30 times a day but you can pin more! If you are really trying to grow your account then Pin a lot more. When you pin make sure you pin throughout the day and not all at one time, so you can try and catch more people. Pinning all at once is not the best strategy it is better to pin throughout the day, like a fisherman that wants to catch fish he will cast his net out over a large area to try and get as many fish as he can. Same with Pinterest.

There are some services that will automatically schedule your pins to post at certain times throughout the day. One we have heard of often is tailwind but we have never tried it. So check some out if that would be easier for you.

5] Images Images Images and the same thing pinned different ways 

Pinterest is all about how your image looks and less importantly the image dimensions. Make sure your images are crisp with headlines on them that are really engaging. To capture the attention of a reader from the site, your Pins need the visual appeal to stand out, and entice them to click through to your blog post. They say the best size for an image should be over 800 pixels long. Horizontal photos get less attention than vertical photos. Choose tall vertical photos with great composition and colours. When your pin is a Rich Pin the title of your post is bolded above the description of the pin which helps it stand out. When one blogger tried to pin the same article with different images decorated and titled in different ways she noticed that there was a higher increase in blog traffic. She cast her net out far and wide and reaped the rewards. Some images work better than others and over time you will see that.

6] Have a Pin it button on your blog

To get people to share your blog on their own Pinterest accounts add a Pin it button. You never know someone with a large following can pin your content and help send huge amounts of traffic to your blog. Installing Pin it buttons on your website makes it easier for your visitors to easily pin your content. It will help market your website and blog. All you have to do is make sure you have good quality content and great images that are eye-catching and shareable. These Pin it buttons can come from social share buttons when people can share your content across multiple social networks and Pinterest is one of them. Also download the Pinterest google chrome extension which allows you to pin images from around the internet to your own Pinterest boards. This will help you grow your blog boards with more images giving your followers more to repin.

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