6+ serious ways to save money each month

Money is something we all need to live on. Earning money can be tough, you go to work everyday 9am-5pm, grinding hard so you can have money for the things you like. It is hard to make money but it goes quicker than Usain bolt. Money just runs away, it goes on monthly bills, utilities and expenses like Food, clothing and necessities. We all would love to some some extra money each month so we have more to spend on Holidays or just to have more for a rainy day. We have 6+ serious ways for you to save money each month that are worth taking a look at.

6] Sell things you don’t need

This is a great way to earn some extra cash each month to put into your savings pot. We all have things lying around the house that we could sell on eBay or other auction sites and make a quick buck. I recently needed some extra cash and sold a smartphone that I did not need for a very good price and bought myself something else I needed but did not have the cash for. It is worth selling your items lying around the house for some extra cash, which can come in really handy when you need it. So if you have a smartphone, video games, technology in general and other things that you do not need, consider selling them.

5] Use store loyalty cards

Every time you go shopping you are spending your hard earned cash on items from a store and filling the stores bank accounts. Get a LOYALTY CARD for the stores you shop at and for every pound you spend you can earn a point (worth 1p) (may be different for each store). These points add up and you can spend those points on other items you need at the store, saving you money over time. It is worth having and is completely free. Why not save some money in the long run with a loyalty card. Take some of the money you spend back.

4] Less nights out

Nights out can be expensive, believe me. There are nights where you can spend in excess of £100 on drinks at a club. The less you go out the more money you can save. Every time you go out you spend money of drinks before you go out (PRE-SESSION (pre-sesh for short)) that can add up to a large amount. Then when going out you can pay entry fee for clubs and then once into a club that’s it. Your money is flying out of your wallet on shot rounds and drinks for your mates and drinks in-between. Consider less nights out to save some money, you will be glad you did.

3] Stop Smoking

Smoking is a habit that eats away at your health and wallet. Cigarettes are expensive and the price is increasing. Depending on your habit this can easily cost into the hundreds each month. I know someone who got lung cancer from smoking and died in a sad, painful way. It was hard to see and difficult for the family. That really hit me and highlighted the dangers of smoking. Consider stopping and think of what else you can spend that money on.

2] Cook more! Less Takeaways

Takeaways are expensive. You can easily spend an average of £10 on each person for an Indian each week. If you have 4 people in your household thats £160 per month. If your like me you can also order mid-week and spend more. If you go shopping each week and buy the ingredients you need and make the meals yourself you know you could save a lot of money doing so. It is better to buy the ingredients you need at a fraction of the cost, cook at home (possibly making more for the day after / or freeze it for another day when you feel lazy) and watch your bank balance have a bigger number at the end of the month. This is one way that really saves me some money, it just requires some time and effort. The money I have left over from doing this puts a smile on my face.

1] Bills! See if you can get a better deal elsewhere.

Bills, Bills, Bills. We all have to pay them. Gas, Electric, Broadband, and other bills can be saved on. How? you may ask. Shop around. Go on comparison site and see what rates other providers are charging. You could save hundreds each year on these bills if you only shop around. Each year have a look to see if there are cheaper deals, then call your provider and ask them to match the offer you have seen. If they cannot match the offer (some won’t) then move over to the cheaper deal. You deserve better. There are hundreds to be saved each year on these bills, start taking advantage of them. You could put that extra money towards whatever you like. Some providers also throw in gift cards or sign up incentives that can be a nice touch to a provider you want to join with. At the time of writing this: – If you have plumbing, drainage or electrical issues HomeServe are doing a £1 a month insurance deal* (£1 a month for plumbing and drainage / £1 a month for Electrical), where they will come out and fix any plumbing, drainage or electrical problems for you that would cost you hundreds if you choose to look for local plumbers yourself. There is no excess and they have done a great job for us so far. We highly recommend you check them out yourselves.

*£1 a month only for the first year. If you do not cancel then monthly premiums will go up.

Some other helpful tips: –

  • Bring your lunch to work instead of paying for lunch that you could possibly make better.
  • Make meals in bulk for the days you don’t feel like cooking, that will help keep you away from Takeways.
  • Always pay your credit card bills in full each month!
  • Take public transportation, walk, or ride your bike more.
  • Give yourself a day to think about a big purchase before buying, this really helps. (sleep on it)
  • Students use your student ID discount, most places accept them and you could save a good amount.
  • Rent things around your home that you are not using, such as a spare bedroom or garage space.

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