6 Reasons Why Prague is Best Vacation Spot in Europe During Summer


People preferences are different, thankfully there are a lot of places that we can visit during summer months. Maybe you love the sea so you will spend your time at the beach but if you are looking for something different – Prague is just for you! Let me tell you, I have visited Prague during every season and my best time there was during the summer. Because of that, I will list you my reasons why Prague is the best place to visit this summer.


Reason 1: Prague is Cheaper Than Other Capital Cities in Europe

I just checked Booking.com prices to make sure that I’m not sharing misinformation. Prices for 2 or 3 star Prague hotels, for 3 nights (weeknd), with included breakfast for 2 adults are starting under $100. For that price, it is cheaper to live in a hotel in Prague than to stay at home during the weekend. Same stuff would cost you $130 in Budapest, $170 in Milan, $200 in Berlin, $250 in Vienna, $260 in Paris and $470 in Barcelona. I have visited many capitals in Europe and I don’t really think that some places are worth that much.


Reason 2: Weather in Prague During Summer is Pretty Nice

Weather during summer months is different for every city in Europe. Summer in Prague is bearable, not to hot. Well, it is around 30 degree Celsius which is colder where I live for sure. In any case, you don’t need to spend your day shoulder to shoulder with other tourists in Old Town. You can go cruising on a boat on Vltava for $15-$20 (maybe few more dollars with included lunch). You can go to city park and spend day under the shadows of the trees. Prague has a lot to offer so you will find a way to spend good time there.

Reason 3: It is Super Easy to Move Around Prague

Prague has great metro, bus and tram transport. You can buy 3 day ticket for public transportation for as little as $14 through ticket vending machines or directly in a hotel. Considering that you can get virtually anywhere in Prague with public transportation, this is amazing value. There are 3 metro lines, so it is not that complicated to find your way around. I have managed to go wherever I wanted without knowing to say anything in Czech except “Have a nice day” and “Thank you”.


Reason 4: There is a Lot to See in Prague

Prague has more than a thousand years long history so don’t even think that you will see everything in a three days. You should sit down and make a list of things that you want to see. Now, if you decide just to go there and chill for the weekend than you will find tons of places to relax. Prague is great walking city so make sure that you have comfortable shoes or snickers. Put your shades on and enjoy magical atmosphere.


Reason 4: Cheap Yet Amazing Food and Beer

Don’t be yet another stupid tourist that will walk in a pub right from the main street and hope for a cheap drink. If you want to eat good food and drink good beer then walk one street down from any main street. Just by walking 50 more steps you will reduce cost of a beer from $10 (at least) to $3. Almost every pub in Prague offers food from roasted ribs, pork chops , goulash to local delicateses like svickova or Nakládaný hermelín. One thing’s for sure, Czech people know their food and beer.

Reason 5: Did I mentioned Beer?

Beer brewing in Czech Republic has 1000 year long history, although beer was made in those lands even before 6th century. Because of that, if you want to try really good beer you need to visit amazing city of Prague. Selection of beer brands is really huge so it will take some time to just try them all. Maybe you will get yours in famous Bohemian crystal glass. Maybe Czechs are not famous for making best wine but their beer and crystal wine glasses are famous for sure.


Reason 6: Prague is a bit Different

As I mentioned before, I have spent some time in many capital cities in Europe but Prague is a bit different. It is hard for me to explain but it keeps calling me back. Every now and then when I check my emails and see new offers I think about going back. Maybe it is because of its magical atmosphere, laid back attitude, history, sights or girls. I’m not really sure but I’m sure that it is the city to visit for sure.


Don’t spend a lot of time just thinking about what to do and where to go. Night in a cheap but clean hotel room with breakfast in Prague is cheaper than espresso in Milan. Of course, if you have money to throw around be my guest. On the other hand, if you really decide to go to Czech Republic and spend some time in Prague expect that you will keep coming back. And yes, bring umbrella – summer showers are common thing.


[image from StartUs Magazine]

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