6 really cool life tips and tricks

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We all love a good life tip and trick that will either help us in some way, save us time or earn us some money. We have picked 6 random cool tips and tricks you should know.

6] Dry your clothes quicker

Put your washed clothing item in a towel and roll up the towel. Twist the towel slightly to remove excess water and then hang on a hanger to dry. This is a good tip for university students, single guys or those without a dryer.

5] Smelly Shoes

I definitely have had smelly shoes in the past and here is a cool trick that can help. Put some dry teabags in your shoes to absorb the smell. Add some rice and baking soda if they are wet too.

4] Get rid of body odor

Cut a lemon or orange in half and rub it over your skin to get rid of the bad body smell. If you have bad breath eat an apple as that will help.

3] Start investing your money

This is great advice as you can start to save money and invest it for more money at a later stage. If you have a lot on money to invest then invest it so you can let interest pay for your items instead of burning through your cash. Make a plan, think about long terms, diversify and enjoy.

2] Save money

Think about areas of life where you can save money like take-aways, going out and unnecessary items. Saving money is cool and with that money you have options to invest, save towards something you really want or add it to a savings account that has interest.

1] Collect points

Collect loyalty points from your most visited stores. Have a credit card that gives you points for every purchase like an American Express card or similar. This way for every spend you are collecting points that you can put towards flights, hotels and more.

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