6 ideas to create a passive income

Creating a passive income is what we all really want. We look for passive income tips and ideas to help us bring in a few extra bucks to help with the monthly expenses. Creating a passive income can be as difficult or easy as you want it to be. It depends on the hours you want to put it and how great your offering is. There are so many passive income ideas and tips out there and some can make you a few pennies and some can make you big buck over time. We have picked 6 ways that can make you some quick cash and others that will make you more money over a period of time. There is no real way to get a lot of money quickly unless you get luck.
6] Buy and Sell

Buying and Selling is one of the best ways to make some extra income. Buying and selling has been going on for centuries and is a very profitable if done with the right products. You could look at whats really popular in this day and age like clothing, mobile phones, laptops, branded items and things generally needed by people and buy a small amount of them. Then you could sell them for more than you bought them on places like eBay, Amazon or other online auction sites.

Many people buy and sell items like designer clothes, Mac books, Samsung mobile devices, iPhones and different kinds of mobile accessories. Selling these on eBay can be lucrative with some people turning over £40k + a year. So it is something to consider if you would like to earn some extra income.

5] Create a mobile app

In this day and age mobile applications can earn some serious income. Everyone has a smartphone where they can download apps and are always looking for more apps to download. You could create a great app share with your friends and hope they will share your app with with their friends, creating a buzz around your app. This can snowball and you can get the downloads you need. To create an app you need a good idea, these can come from problems you are having that you could solve with an app or a great idea you have.

4] Stocks and shares
Investing in the stock market can make you a load of money if done right. We have all seen the Wolf of Wall Street and seen the kind of life they had. Making money in the stock market can be very profitable and you can make a lot of money in a day. But to do this you really have to know what your doing. You could lose all you money if you are not careful. If this is something that interests you then it can bring in big bucks.
3] Start a blog
Blogging is a really fun, enjoyable way to share information to a online audience. You can create a blog based around your passion and write interesting articles for your audience. Blogging can bring in large amounts of money but that does not happen straight away, it takes time. Overnight blogging success is rare and it is very rare for a blog to explode in growth in six months. But this is something that you can consider as it will bring you some happiness.
2] Create a online e-book or course
Do you have a serious understanding of your profession? You could create an online e-book or course helping people achieve the levels of success you have achieved. Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome started an e-book based on his LEED exam and sold thousands of dollars worth because he became an expert and aced the test. So he decided to help others and created an e-book that created some serious smart passive income for him. You can do the same if you have the desire to create these products based on your expertise, there have been success stories with people earning millions.

1] Start a Youtube channel and other social media 

Start a Youtube channel. Just do it. You can create videos you feel passionate about and monetize these videos to earn you some extra cash at the end of each month, you get paid through Google Adsense and get paid per 1000 views. Each 1000 views is worth a number of dollars depending on the popularity of your video. Starting a Youtube channel has seen the creation of many millionaires on their platform and so many people are earning thousands in not hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. If you’re not camera shy this can be a way for you. Start a Instagram account and post pictures that interest you, if you gain a huge following advertisers will pay huge bucks for you to post a picture about their product. People make hundreds of thousands of dollars per post.

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