5 tips to create a popular blog

This seems to be the million dollar question: How can I create a popular and very successful blog. Many people set up a blog filled with excitement and taking their time searching for help in getting started and then quit after a few weeks when they see no results. Some people search for so long hoping that someone will tell them exactly what to do and to see if they can find some magic formula.

Help in starting your own blog:-


Blogging is a great way for you to share your experiences or topics that really interest you with the world. Blogging is a great way of communicating to everyday people and getting your perspective on things across to your everyday readers. There is no magic formula or special tips on getting you to success overnight. It takes hard work.

When you set up a new website it takes time for your website to to display on google and gain any authority. It takes a while for it to show on google with your pages indexed and showing under your url (url is a web address like www.google.com). It takes 6-9 months for all your url’s, all your social networks for your website and anything related to your site to show on google’s first page when your website name is typed into search. It also takes 6-9 months for any of your webpages to rank for the topics you have written about and it takes a year and more to rank for your very popular topics you have written about and try to rank for.

We have 5 tips that can help your blog gain popularity:-

1] Blog about your passion and topics that really interest you. When you blog about your passions and things you enjoy you will write about them with passion and that will show in your writing. You will also continue blogging even when you see no traffic or comments because you enjoy your topics. This will help keep google keeping coming back to your blog because you are still updating it. This will also keep your blog going and eventually it will pay off.

2] The more articles you have written the more potential keywords you can rank for meaning potentially more traffic. Write about your passions in every diverse way and remember be you, write it in your own way. Nobody likes a copy of another successful blog. Be you.

3] Create social media accounts and share your articles on them. You never know one article may be passed on and shared multiple times gaining you more traffic. Believe us its worth it. You are creating more exposure for yourself in this way and its also creates more great ways for your readers to communicate with you. You can also market yourself in more ways and get your points of view across to more people. Social media is powerful make sure your using it to your advantage.


4] Your website design. Make sure you have a good looking website design as this is the first impression your readers will get of you and your style. A good design gives a good impression. You can find thousands of well designed free WordPress themes out there.

5] Add share buttons to your site from day one. If people enjoy what they read then they will share the article with friends if there are share buttons there. If there is not share buttons then ask yourself how many people will manually copy and paste your site into a social network? If they are there then it is easy to share and people will do it.

Don’t worry about SEO and gaining traffic too much in the first 6-9months as this can demoralize you. SEO is making sure you rank first for your keywords on google and companies charge a lot to do it for you but all you have to do is write great content with great titles and that will do the work for you. Remember your site is new and it will take time for your site to gain authority and rank for keywords. Miracles can happen and you can get discovered by someone popular then you can gain thousands of page views by their link or mention. But that is rare and does not happen that much at all.

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