5 tips to help you start blogging

Starting a blog can be daunting if you are not helped or directed. Blogging is a platform to get your thoughts out there and help people with interesting information. You should blog about your passion and you will enjoy having a blog set up where you can come to anytime to let out your creative spark. It is something that you can add to and change over a period of time and if you don’t feel like blogging one day you know it will always be there and you can come back to it the next. I have really enjoyed having this blog up and I enjoy knowing I can come and share what I know with my audience. I enjoy writing and exploring interesting topics and so will you so I am here to help you start your own blog.
1] Find your passion and reason to blog
What interests you as a person. It can be anything and don’t be shy to show it. You may have objections running through your head to say people will laugh or won’t like it, but the world is a big place and many people will like what you like, you just have to put it out there. Once you have your passion you should really consider if it is enough to create a blog about it. Check to see if you can constantly help people by adding more to your blog each week. You can also create a blog about many things and narrow it down to what you really enjoy later on. That is a good option.
2] Be Realistic
If you are blogging to make money it can be disappointing. Blog because you enjoy doing it and want to help people then after that you may even earn some money. There are rare cases where blogs do explode overnight and gain a huge following but that is very rare. So when you blog, blog for you passion.
3] Set up social media accounts straight away and start sharing 
This is important as it can help notify people about your new blog. Always post to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram to get some following. These can contribute a lot to your success so make sure you nail social media. Create interesting posts to gain likes and these can convert into traffic.
4] Set up your own blog
Now it is time to set up your own blog. We can show you exactly how to do it and we have a post all about it here. This post will take you through it step by step and guide you all the way.
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5] Select a theme
There are thousands of blog themes out there and many of them are free. When deciding on what blog theme to have make sure it matches your topic or passion. If it is a magazine then select a great magazine theme or if it is a DIY blog you can select a DIY theme. Some blog themes cost and some are free the difference is that the paid ones have more functions than the free. But you can manage on a free theme.

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