5 Most Valuable Features of Web Design

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While most people believe that ‘good’ web design is something too abstract, situational and subjective to be precisely described, one thing that can be measured is the efficiency of a website. Here, one has to notice that there is a pattern of certain web elements which yield more or less value. In turn, this results in a lower bounce rate, more conversion and overall greater number of regular visitors. With this in mind and without further ado, here are five most valuable features of web design.


According to one statistic, 8 out of 10 people online never bother to read past the headlines. Still, if the topic is particularly interesting, they might at least try to skim through the text. The way this works is quite simple actually. The area at around 400 pixels off the left margin of the screen is the absolute hotspot of attention, while the focus of an average reader fades the further right you go. This means that the person skimming is much more likely to read the information that is displayed at the beginning of the paragraph.

Visual hierarchy

Another thing you should know is that even before they start reading through your content, people already have more or less formed opinions of it. This is because the human brain processes visual information much faster than textual one (about 60,000 times faster). So, in order to assign visual hierarchy to your content, you might want to experiment with colours and sizes. A larger on-page element is automatically deemed more important. The same goes for the one in a brighter color.

Purpose-specific design

The most important thing about your web design is that it has to be purpose-specific. For instance, an ideal design for an e-store might be completely ineffective or inappropriate for a travel blog. This is why you need to either explore these industry-specific factors on your own or look for someone with previous experience with Magento web design to show you the way. This is particularly important due to the necessity to address functionality first and visuals second.


Every single website on the internet has its own agenda, but those that are more purpose-driven need to pay special attention to their CTA (call-to-action) button. This too requires a lot of knowledge, seeing as how differences in its success rate can be quite staggering. For instance, those who place the CTA button after an introductory video tend to have a 144% higher CTR (click-through-rate). Apart from this, those who use the colour red for the button have a 21% greater average CTR than those who go with green.


Finally, you should know that there is a consensus among internet users about two seconds being the acceptable waiting time for a page to load. Still, some believe that even this may be a bit too long and that the page should load instantaneously. In any case, with each passing second of non-responsiveness, the frustration amongst your audience grows, as well as the average bounce rate. Needless to say, this usually leads to a drop in your SEO rank. In order to avoid this, more and more designers are resorting to a minimalist web design, in the hopes of boosting responsiveness by reducing the number of HTTP requests.


By honouring these five features alone, you are already putting your website head and shoulders above those of your competitors. This is mostly due to the fact that each of these factors adds to the value of your page and in this way provides a much better user experience (UX) to your website’s visitors.


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