5 men’s fashion items you need for summer

Summer is here and we need to make sure we have our summer essentials ready. Whether you are going on Holiday, visiting family and friends or just hanging out jamming we have picked 7 fashion items for summer you would like to see.

1] Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a wardrobe staple and everyone should have a pair they can turn to when called on. The best sunglasses in our opinion are Ray-Bans. When selecting a pair of sunglasses make sure to try on a few pairs to check what suits your face shape.


2] Suit 

You need one suit for summer and that should be a navy, grey or blue. This suit should be one that you can wear on nights out to nice places to events like weddings and gatherings. This suit should fit well and be elegant. Pick a suit that makes you feel a million bucks.

3] Loafers

Who does not love loafers, they are a summer staple. You can get a wide range of loafers these days from penny to driving but make sure you have a classy pair that can be worn with anything like your trousers and polo shirt. These loafers should be a pair that lifts your look into a whole new level. There are some great brands out there like Car Shoe, John Lobb, Tods and more.

4] Colours

Summer is full of colours so make sure your wardrobe is too. Winter is a time for darker colours and we all want to get rid of winter once summer comes along. Wear nice coloured shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts to lift your look. Have a good selection of clam colours as they add life to your look.

5] Shorts

We all love shorts and once we see people wear a pair we know it’s summer. Shorts seem to be an item that are taken less seriously but wearing a pair on a nice hot day or holiday is something different. You can make your look classy with the right pair of shorts. Pair them with a shirt or polo shirt for a classy look.

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