5 meals plans to help you bulk up

They say working out is only 30% of building muscle and 70% is eating and drinking. Making sure you get the right food is the most important thing as you want muscle growth not fat so here are some meals plans you to help you bulk. You have to eat to get big and you have to eat more to get bigger. Have a solid meal plan laid out everyday over the course of your training and stick to it to see results. Below are some additional meal plans to help you in case you are running out of ideas. Adjust accordingly. Drinking plenty of water also helps muscle growth as your body is made up of 60% + water. Eat the right foods, there are some articles on our site to help.

Bulking Meal Plan – Day 5

Bulking Meal Plan – Day 4

Bulking Meal Plan – Day 3

Bulking Meal Plan – Day 2

Bulking Meal Plan – Day 1


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