5 important things you should not expect from blogging

Everyone seems to be blogging. Starting a blog and getting loads of traffic will bring you loads of money. How long can it really take? A few weeks? A few short months? You hope that it does not take that long and pretty soon you will have a popular site.

Blogging can be a great way to share what really matters to you. You can reach a lot of people with the same interests and connect with each other making each others lives richer. There can come a lot of satisfaction from helping other people through your blog and that feels great. When starting a blog you need to have sensible expectations and know what lies ahead. We have chosen 5 important things you should not expect from blogging.

5] No Problems

When blogging you first have to set up your site and this is fairly straight forward. Once you have your nice blog up and running you feel happy and think instant success. These feelings can come crashing down when problems crop up. When running a blog issues like technical problems, design problems, plugin issues and more can arise. Some blog get hacked and they have no idea of how to get their site back and restore it to a previous version. There are issues with plugins as some can cause your site to break and not work properly. You may have to learn a little HTML and CSS so you can fine tune your site or fix it should a plugin change some design elements. You will never stop learning when blogging.

4] No Costs

There are free blogging platforms out there like Blogger, Medium, Tumblr and more that can host your blog. You have to know that as long as you blog on these platforms your blog will not really be yours as you will not have complete control over some aspects like domain, templates and what you want to do with the blog. When hosting your own blog you have complete freedom but that comes at a cost. You will have to purchase your domain name, sometimes more than one version like .com and .co.uk and renew it each year which can add up. You will have to pay for hosting which is billed monthly or yearly, website templates and email mailbox. These costs add up and there can be more as time goes on like email subscriber platforms, plugins and social media management systems.

3] Lots of traffic

When blogging it takes time for your blog to generate traffic. You can publish your articles but when no-one reads them it can be a little disappointing. Blogging requires a lot of patience and you have to work on your blog for a long time before any real results show. There are so many factors that affect ranking your blog like domain age, content, SEO, backlinks and more. You should blog because your are passionate about it as this helps get through seeing low visitor numbers on your analytics.

2] Lots of money

Traffic means income in blogging and is the life source of a blog. When blogging people think that it will take no more that 6 months to see some real success. In actual fact it takes a lot longer for a blog to become successful. It can take years to achieve the amount of money you expect. There are so many ways to earn money quickly online and blogging is not one of them.

1] Superstar Status

When blogging you may seem to think your blog is great and everyone will read and connect with you and your articles. You may seem to think you have done enough and do not need to connect with other bloggers or do much social media promotion. This is far from the truth. You will have to work hard connecting with other blogger and guest posting on their already trusted sites so you can gain important backlinks that show your site has value. You will have to work hard to get social media followers who will share your content and spread your hard work. Blogging is not easy and you will have to work hard for many years to become trusted by google and shared by other bloggers and users.

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    awesome advice and tips. Bloggers need to be aware of these when writing, especially if they’re guest blogging on other sites.

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