5 great ways to earn extra money for a Holiday


We would all love a holiday but sometimes we are strapped for cash. It sometimes seems like everyone we know is going on holiday or is going on holiday soon and we would love to just get some time away. First thing that pops up into our mind is how can we earn some extra cash to fund our escapade. We have 5 ways to earn money for a holiday – these can be called side hustles.

5] Sell your extra items on eBay or Amazon

If you have items like game consoles, new clothes that you don’t wear, furniture or just about anything else you have stashed away that you don’t want or need anymore – you can sell. You can be surprised by just how much extra money you can make and just how much you can make if you see how much similar items list for. Go to car boot sales or garage sales and pick items that you can flip on eBay – do some research on your phone when you’re there before you buy, like checking how much the item can sell for.

4] Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Becoming a VA is something you can do from the comfort of your home as it is all done over virtually – over phones and computers. This can be a lucrative side hustle. Work your own hours, pick who you work for and choose how much you get paid.


3] Dropshipping

You may have heard of dropshipping by now. This is when you list items for sale on Amazon, eBay or your own site and then when an order comes in you ask the supplier to ship the product for you to the customer. You hold no stock and can list as many items as you want. This gives you freedom as if a product does not sell it does not matter as you hold no stock just sell another item that you think will sell. This is worth a try.

2] Build Instagram page and get sponsors

Instagram is a great way to to build an audience and share your passion. You can amass a big following and get sponsors who will pay you to create and share a post for them. This can take some time but it you share meaningful content you can get meaningful followers.

1] Freelance

You are all talented people don’t let anyone tell you any different. You have so much skill. Can you design, copy write, code, SEO or have any skill you can sell. If so try Fiverr and similar sites and test the waters – see if anyone buys your skill, if so you are onto something.

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