4 Exercise Routines You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere!

There are many factors that may discourage you from starting an exercise routine. Even if you are motivated to get in shape, lack of time, opportunity or money can impact your road to fitness.

It’s not unusual for people to constantly miss their workouts even if they belong to a gym. The various demands of career and personal life can serve as obstacles that make waking up extra early or braving rush hour traffic after work seem like too much effort.

If you happen to live in an area where there are no nearby fitness centers, this also becomes an excuse not to get into an exercise regimen. While for some people, the cost involved in signing up for a fitness class or a gym membership is not something that their budgets can bear.

Whatever excuses you may have for procrastinating on your fitness goals, this guide will make it easier for you to kick out these reasons altogether. If you’re short on time, space, or money, these cardio and calisthenics routines are perfect for you. These are beginner-friendly exercises that do not require any equipment at all.

You can choose from these four routines to give variety to your workouts and also to challenge your body with different exercise moves.

Workout one:

The first workout is for people who only have 10 minutes to spare. How many times have you found yourself waking up past your alarm or rushing to finish all your house chores? While these scenarios are often excuses to skip the gym, having this cardio and calisthenics routine will be a great way to still squeeze in a workout even if you’re too busy to go anywhere.

This workout alternates cardio and calisthenics moves to give you that high intensity push. These exercises are standard calisthenics exercises that can be done by anyone of any fitness level. If you are a beginner and are not familiar with the exercises, learn them first separately to ensure that you have mastered the correct form of doing them.

The beauty of this routine is that you can adjust the speed and intensity depending on your individual capacity. However, to  get the most of this workout,  you have to perform the exercises correctly and as fast as possible to really give you that burn.

10 Minute Workout Type Exercise
Minute 1 Cardio Standing Ab Crunches
Minute 2 Calisthenics Strength Training Tabletop Heel Taps
Minute 3 Calisthenics Strength Training Diagonal Leg Extensions
Minute 4 Calisthenics Strength Training Glute Bridges
Minute 5 Cardio Jumping Jacks
Minute 6 Calisthenics Strength Training Side Plank Raises
Minute 7 Calisthenics Strength Training Supermans
Minute 8 Calisthenics Strength Training Wall Flatteners
Minute 9 Cardio Skaters
Minute 10 Core Standard Plank

Workout two:

The second workout can easily be done outdoors in the park, a yard, or if you live in an area where it is possible to run outside. This workout allows you a time to rest in between rounds as you have to perform at your full intensity.

Duration Type Exercise
Eight rounds with 2 minute rest between Cardio 8 x 50 meter running sprints
10 minute Rest Rest Rest
4 rounds Calisthenics Strength Training 20 Air Squats 30 Hollow Rocks 20 Push-ups

Workout three:

The third workout is for people who have more time to spare and wants a more challenging routine. If you love running then this is a great exercise for you as it combines your favorite cardio with strength training calisthenics moves.

This workout routine starts with a 5-mile run which means it may take between 40 minutes to an hour depending on your pace or fitness level. You are allowed a 15 minute rest before it will require you to deliver at full intensity. In this routine, you only have to master three powerhouse calisthenics exercises but these moves will give you a total body workout. The dips, push-ups and squats will target large muscle groups in your body simultaneously.

Duration Type Exercise
5 miles   Cardio 1 x 5 mile run
15 minute Rest Rest Rest
15 rounds with one minute rest between Calisthenics Strength Training 5 Dips 10 Push-ups 15 Air Squats

Workout four:

The last workout starts with four rounds of sprints which is perfect if you are only stuck to one area and cannot do a long distance run. It is also followed by full-body calisthenics moves so you actually save time but you’re still getting that muscle burn. The addition of burpees at the end gives you the combination of cardio and strength training.

While 15 rounds may be too much for a beginner, you can easily modify this exercise by starting with 5  to 7 rounds of calisthenics then increasing the rounds until you’ve built up your strength to get to 15 rounds.

Duration Type Exercise
4 Rounds with 30 seconds rest between Cardio 4 x 400 meter running sprints
6 minute Rest Rest Rest
15 rounds with one minute rest between Calisthenics Strength Training 15 Air squats 15 Push-ups 15 Sit-ups 15 Burpees 

About The Author:

Rebecca Smith started calisthenics at age 26 as a means to lose weight and tone her body. After completing her first successful muscle up, the amazing feeling inspired her to train further and become a full-time calisthenics instructor. Rebecca also holds a Management Degree and a Diploma in Nutrition.

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  1. Great, suggestions,
    Many people are members of a gym but after a short time, they do quit.
    You give some good suggestions for exercises which can be done everywhere.
    It only needs the will to do it, no gym membership needed.

    Thanks for showing this exercise routines

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