15 bloggers who make more than $20,000 dollars a month

There some people out there who earn a lot of money doing the job they love – Blogging. Blogging is a growing industry and the people who earn the most have been around for a few years perfecting their skills, producing killer content and perpetuating their websites. Below we have 15 bloggers who earn the highest amounts in the industry and it mostly comes from affiliate income and advertising.

Adsense, Mediavine, and AdThrive seem to be the popular advertising networks among these bloggers. Mediavine has a minimum of 25k page views and AdThrive has a 100k minimum page views to sign up, so most of the bloggers in out list meet that. Sponsored content is also a common theme in this group. Some of these bloggers offer consulting and you’ll start to see more bloggers offering their own products.

15] Millennial Money Man– $20,507

  •  Offers digital marketing services – Facebook ad management.

14] Market Your Creativity – $20,998

  • Sells membership program for entrepreneurs.

13] Millennial Money – $23,130

  • Income from affiliates, SEO consulting, and 1×1 coaching.

12] Niche Pursuits – $29,474

  • Sells products on Amazon.

11] Shout Me Loud – $34,390

  • Mostly from affiliate marketing. Everyone has heard of shoutmeloud they are every where on google when it comes to blogging.

10] Authority Website Income – $49,617

  • Diverse income streams.

9] Matthew Woodward – $27,371

  • Affiliate sales and private projects

8] Create And Go – $36,949

  • Sell their own course based and sell supplements.

7] Show Me the Yummy – $46,367

  • Advertising, sponsored work, and own course.

6] Believe in a Budget – $47,442

  • Courses and affiliate marketing.

Some bloggers earn hundreds of thousand a month so six figures per month, which means they’re pulling in millions per year!

It seems like courses, information products, and outsourcing are necessary to really scale and get to the $100,000+ per month level.

5] So Over This – $100,094

  • Websites and advertising sales.

4] Smart Passive Income – $102,915

  • Majority of the income from affiliate marketing like Bluehost.

3] Making Sense of Cents – $131,448

  • Made over $50,000 selling her online course. Bluehost also accounts for her income.

2] EOFire – $195,482

  • Information products, physical products and affiliate marketing.

1] Melyssa Griffin – $283,680

  • Mostly from online course sales and affiliate marketing.

[image from worldshocker.blogspot]

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