10 ways to help kick depression

10 ways to help kick depression
Getting through depression is difficult, it seems to take over your life. It is difficult to enjoy yourself and do the things you love. Working, Socialising, hobbies and many other things seem a bother when some people can do them without thinking. No one plans on getting depressed but certain life situations can take us down that dark, draining road. We have 10 ways to help you kick depression.

1] Fight those negative thoughts

When depressed, all sorts of negative thoughts can get run through our heads, acknowledging these negative thoughts that keep pulling you down is a good first step. You need to know that these thoughts are not reality and you need to fight them off before they drag you down that dark hole. Keep a positive mindset and try to look at the wisdom behind things. This is harder done than said.

2] You need some Focus

The current life situation is not your permanent situation, do not forget that. You can do what you want and however you want it. You are strong. Find your passion and try as hard as you can to follow it, no matter those voices in your head telling you otherwise. You have the power to change your life situation not anybody else. Sometimes, in rare cases you can’t change what is happening around you, then you need to see it as an opportunity to grow, learn lessons from and become a stronger, better person.

3] Have a schedule or plan

Have a schedule to bring some structure and routine to your life. It will keep you looking forward to something and make things manageable. Add reading, walking, socialising and anything else you want to your list. Make one and stick to it.

4] Set some goals

Set some goals for yourself and then break down those goals into smaller more achievable ones. Having the feeling that you are succeeding everyday does help with your confidence and in turn your self-esteem. When you have achieved your small goals start treating yourself so you can start loving yourself. You are the most important person to you so take the best care of yourself.

5] Get out more

When you are depressed it is difficult to get out and do anything but you need to go for walks in some nice, open, green spaces to clear your head and get some fresh air. This can really help you keep clam and keep outdoors as once your outside you may want to stay out. Try to take every opportunity to get out even if you don’t feel like it. If you stay indoors too much without communicating you can lose your communication skills and confidence.

6] Contact people

You need to try to talk to family members, friends and loved ones. Try to talk about your issues and seek advice from them. If not, then talk to them often to raise spirits and enjoy some conversation. You may not want to talk to any family but try to do it at least once a week – your parents will be happy. Depression can make you feel all alone and you need to remember you are not alone. You have people you can talk to.

7] Music

Sometimes listening to upbeat music can make you a happier. There are types of music with sad lyrics that you can avoid as they make you sad. Classical music is good at helping you feel happy. Find what works for you and enjoy yourself.

8] Keep trying

There will be times you feel you can’t keep going and you have had enough. It will be a difficult road but you have to keep trying and keep going. You have to remember that it is up to you to change. Think about what would happen if you gave up – you would stay in the same dark place. Keep going and ride it out – it does get better.

9] Eat well & Exercise

You need eat good food. It is hard to cook or make an effort to eat when as you feel sad but that can have negative effects on your health long term. Try to eat well and eat the right foods. There are foods out there that can help with mood.

Depression keeps you in one place and that is not good for health. Try to exercise when you can by lifting weights, doing a sport or just jogging. It can be difficult to stick to a routine and easy to give up when depressed but you have to do it as no one else can do it for you.


10] Seek professional and medical help

As a last resort, after you have exhausted all options and feel nothing works for you, you can turn to professional and medical help. There is nothing wrong with getting help. Take medication and seek counselling, there are some great counsellors out there that can help. This can be a huge help to recovery.

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