10+ pieces of Summer Outfit Inspiration for men

10+ pieces of Summer Outfit Inspiration for men

Summer is almost here and it is the best time to really come out and enjoy ourselves. Summer is a time where we can where cool/light coloured clothing, few items of clothing and clothing that is really going to stand out. This is the season to wind down, travel and enjoy the world. When you are on your break or travels you need to make sure you are dressed well and have all the items of clothing you need to make you look like a million bucks. We have 10+ pieces of Summer Outfit Inspiration for you guys to have a look at.


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Have some essential shirts in your wardrobe and make sure you have a variety of colours that can be worn in any season. These shirts are in cool summer colours – you can have the dark greens also – and these shirts can be worn with anything (we will be showing you some pieces further down).

1-3) Ralph Lauren Shirts – £85

4) J Crew Shirt – £65

Blazers and Suits

1) 2)HUGO BOSS Blue Janson Slim-Fit Mélange Stretch-Virgin Wool And Linen Blend Blazer

Always have a blazer and suit on board no matter where you go, you never know when you are going to need it. You can put a blazer on with anything, if your wearing a t-shirt and jeans or a shirt and chinos or any of these items mixed around. It will really make you look smarter and more elegant. Carry a suit with you – you never know if you will need it. Suits are smart items of clothing and putting one on in summer in cool colours makes you look a million bucks.

1) Ermenegildo Zegna – £1,690

2) Hugo Boss Blue Janson Blazer – £450

T-Shirts and Polo Shirts

1)2)                   3) 4)

5) 6)                  7)

Who does not have T-Shirts or Polo Shirts in their collection? Everyone does. There should always be some that can be thrown on and they match with many other items. If you really want a relaxed look then these are items to have. Having a combination of long sleeve and short sleeve items is something that is personal preference but each has its own look. Have a mixture of colours and styles.

1) Ralph Lauren Polo – £ 75

2) Ralph Lauren Polo – £ 85

3) J Crew – £ 75

4) Armor Lux – £40

5) Nudie Jeans – £40
6) J Crew – £30
7) J Crew £30

Jeans, Trousers and Shorts

1) 2)
3) 4)
Jeans, Chinos and Shorts match with anything. Have some good quality jeans that can be worn with t-shirts and shirts and have some chinos in a few colours including Navy and they can be worn with anything. Shorts are something that most people can pull of and if your confident enough have a pair(s).
1) Levi Jeans – £85
2) Levi Jeans – £85
3) J Crew – £75
4) Club Monaco – £110
5) River Island – £25

Trainers, Loafers and Shoes

1) 2)
There are so many options available for trainers, loafer and shoes. They can be worn with any outfits and you can throw a pair of trainers on with a suit for a really cool, effortless look. Loafers can be worn with your jeans or chinos and you can even put on some smart shoes and we have picked some more in the article links below.
1) Tods – £310
2) Nike Air Vortex – £75
3) Adidas Original Court Vantage – £65

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