10 Famous Indian Cities to Travel to for Their Food and Culture


Indians love to explore! Though it is one of the few developing countries, people elsewhere in the world are patronizing to be here. Why does our Indian culture seem to be exceptional? We do not have voluminous facilities as compared to other parts of the world. Yet there is something uncommon.


Not so surprisingly, it turns out to be our atypical food. Indian culture is a diversified country with a blend of Indian cuisine and a variety of mixed spices at every doorstep. After Bollywood, Indian food and culture come in the list.


Let’s quickly check out a few amazing cities where you can cross-check the cultural identity of the people just through their cuisines:

1. Delhi

Spicy, finger-licking: Chole-Bhature, is the most amazing cuisine you would die for!

Delhi has an unusual blend of different cultures and the traditions being practised during the Mughal era. Those Mughal cuisines mark as the best odd.


You can have Boti Kebab, Shami Kebab, Kathi Kebab (An Iranian dish which was discovered during the Middle-east period). Few others from the same Turkish and South Asian Kitchens are Kulfi, Biryani, Butter Chicken, Paranthas, Chaat, Kachoris, Jalebis and many such uncountable dishes.

2. Amritsar

The largest city of Punjab, well-known for Golden Temple is also a nucleus of Sikhism and their religion portrayed through their cuisine (langar). Punjab is the heartland for the amazing music and their exotic Amritsari Kulchas. These Kulchas are stuffed with potatoes and cheese adding loads of desi ghee.


Another unescaping cuisine is Tandoori chicken. Murg Makhani is the perfect balanced meal with Tandoori chicken along with nan and parathas. Rajma Chawal (rice) with kheer adds the complete delicacy. Lastly, Makki ki roti (maize flour bread) and Sarson ka saag (mustard leaf gravy) with a wholesome glass of lassi you just can’t escape!

3. Kolkata

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The inclusive component in Bengalis and their cooking is fish. West Bengal is particularly recognized for Maachi (fish) and Bhaat (rice). A spicy curry seasoned with fish is an addition to their tradition.


With a variety of vegetables, the well-known cuisine originated in Bengal is tempting and appetizing Kosho Mangsho (Mutton Curry). The flavour arriving from their spices is delicious. No meal is complete without the dessert.


Their dessert Mishti Doi (fermented sweet flavoured yoghurt) is available in every local shop. It is said that people from Kolkata resonate to the taste of their dessert.

4. Chennai

Chennai is a culturally rich city and a food paradise. This rich heritage has its pride in it’s multi-cuisine. Starting with idli or dosa served with coconut or tomato chutney as their breakfast, to the Parota made of maida and Kothu as their lunch, they indulge with the sweet dishes like payasam, Kesari, Pongal, etc.


Their peculiar way of serving the food on a banana leaf is truly remarkable. The aroma and the various art forms of Tamil Nadu are eye-catching. People are so humble and soft-spoken that gets reflected through their customs and traditions.

5. Mumbai

Mumbai is not only the city of dreams but a city of exemplary street food. The roadside food like Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, BhelPuri, DahiPuri, Dosa, Noodles, Uttapam, would be completely irresistible.


There exists a lane for fast-food lovers known as ‘Khau Gali’. While visiting Chowpatty, Khau Gali is dedicated to all the foodies where your all-time beverage (tea) is available.


Also, Mumbai without Bollywood is indescribable. Even Bollywood won’t deny the amazing food delivered by Dabbawalas. In case of your relocation to Mumbai, don’t forget to try their service.

6. Lucknow

Even Lucknow has a Mughal Emperor touch making it wholly royal. Through some rigorous efforts and practice, the spices are blended to bring the best.


Few of the well-known dishes include korma, Kaliya, Nahari-kulcha, zarda, Sheermal, Roomali Rotis and Warqi parathas. Kebabs being the most- likely and famous comes with a variety.


Kakori Kebab, Shami Kebab, Boti Kebab, Ghutwa Kabab and Seekh Kebab are few of them to be listed. The warmth and love received from Lucknow are filled with affection and huge respect.

7. Mysore

Mysore’s cuisine is almost similar to Udupi cuisine. Rice being the staple food, their popular breakfast dishes include Pongal, Puri, Rava Idli, etc.


The taste is extremely spicy and delicious. The lunch or dinner can be served with steamed rice adding chutney, pickle, rasam, curd.


For desserts you can get customary Ladoo, Payasam, Mysore Pak and Jalebi served on betel leaf or plantain leaf.


Apart from this, you can get fresh juices, Gobi Manchurian and egg fried rice over the streets. All-inclusive with this beautiful place you are likely to get appetizing food too!


8. Hyderabad

A complete celebration of basmati rice & mutton stuffed with onions and yoghurt is the Hyderabadi traditional cuisine ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’. The use of different spices with mutton served in a clay pot is one of their coolest gestures.


This city of Nawabs, profusely known for different forms of art, and entertainment, is recognized for its zesty food. Their Irani Chai, Lukhmi, Mirchi Ka Salan, Double Ka Meetha, and Haleem come to Hyderabadi paradise.


Just like Bollywood, Telugu film industry has its entertainment hub -Tollywood. The Telugu inhabitants could be found in Ramoji Film City.

9. Jaipur

Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan, is known for it’s pink- coloured stupendous palaces and magnificent architecture. Its culture can be manifested with their performing arts, music and cuisine. The other drooling street food comes from Jaipur.


This goes with Gol Gappa, Kathi Roll, Omelete, Mutton Tikka, Pyaaz Kachori, Pav Bhaji, Paneer Tikka, Dosa, Momos, to name a few.


For refreshments, you can readily think upon Jalebi, Kulfi Faluda, Paan, Rabri Ghevar, Shrikhand, cold coffee. Visit the city around to experience such tempting cuisine.

10. Ahmedabad

You get innumerable options in Ahmedabad when it comes to food. The traditional Gujarati Thali along with Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian cuisines is within easy reach.


Some other varieties include Roti, Kadhi, Dal, Rice, Bath, Dhokla, Theplas, and Kadhi Drihand.

Mostly all of it is vegetarian.


As people over there believe to live in simplicity, ironically they are passionately energetic during their festival (Navratri). Their level of enthusiasm and zeal drives us to visit the city over & over.


When food is the main reason for travel and tourism, India is a perfect choice. Could it be a culinary destination or a home to traditions, India has made the path both way round.

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