10 crazy cool things about Virtual Reality

10 crazy cool things about Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) is something that is new and is maturing as time passes on. It is becoming more high-tech, more versatile and more affordable. Experiencing VR is immersive and an experience everyone must try at least once. VR is capable of transporting you to any place you wish and they are even streaming sports games through VR making you feel as if you are in the stadium. Here are 10 crazy cool things about Virtual Reality.

10] Virtual Experiences

Virtual experiences are incredible with VR. You can go mountain biking with a stationary bike and your VR headset. Just pick a trail, track, course you want to ride and start pedalling away. Start moving through the course as if you are actually riding along it. You can also fly with VR by lying down on a padded surface with your VR headset on and you start flapping away. Then see yourself moving through the sky. There are great virtual experiences to be had including off-roading experiences where you are in a car moving through jungles, deserts and more.

9] 360 degree videos on YouTube

We all watch YouTube videos and now with VR you can immerse yourself in a 360 degree video.  There is an official YouTube VR channel that has a wide range of content, from music , action and sports to news events. You can pretty much be 360 anywhere and there is so much different content uploaded everyday. You can never get bored with this one.

8] Switch Genders

Here is a project on VR called ‘The machine to be another’, where you can look in the mirror and see yourself in a woman’s body and visa versa. The image in the mirror will mirror your actions and when you touch yourself as a man the image of the female in the mirror will touch themselves.

7] Visit your future college campus

Your kids maybe at that stage where they are checking out which college campuses they want to visit and are then planning their trip of how to get there. This can be expensive and time consuming. With VR you can now virtually go through your college campuses, dorm rooms and even go into buildings to get a feel for the place. You can also look from wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling. This way you can get a complete first experience of your possible future college campus.

6] Life like gaming

We love gaming so trying out some VR gaming was something else. You can play first person shooter games that provide haptic feedback, which means you can feel what it’s like to handle various guns and grenades. Walking from place to place can cause motion sickness so you now teleport to different places. You can ride virtual roller coasters and much more.

5] Fly a Virtual Plane

Flight simulators can be expensive and you may not have time for one. Not to worry, there are now ways to fly a virtual plane with VR. You get the feeling of piloting a plane without actually being in a plane. Experience life-like flight experiences that are far more sophisticated and immersive than any arcade flight simulator. Fly virtual world war 2 planes and go through combat scenarios.

4] Models and Blueprints

Are you designing a house? Thanks to VR you can now see how your living room, kitchen or house would look like before you even start the work. You can see the new colours, furniture, design and so much more. Architects can examine every part of the building they are building and see the whole building. If you are buying a property home or abroad you can see the property virtually before even taking a step in new properties direction.

3] Exploring Places

You can now visit places all from the comfort of your home before you travel there. You can look through videos and pictures of your next location if it is available through VR. Realities is a VR travel app that allows you to explore scanned and modeled real-world environments. The environments aren’t just 360-degree photos, they are locations that have been captured with specialised scanning equipment allowing for immersive rendering in Virtual Reality.

2] Live Concerts and shows

You can now stream a live concert through your VR headset. You can have a 360 degree view as you turn your head around. This way you can relax at home and still be at your favourite concert. You will be able to view the concert from the crowd, stand at the side of the stage in real time all for a fraction of the ticket price. The way the technology works is you have the ability to choose different locations. That can be on the stage, side of stage, jumping around in the crowd or on the balcony.

1] Live Sports events

Sports is huge and how many of us have missed a game or two for whatever reason. The BBC allowed the Football World Cup 2018 to stream over the VR app and it was the next best thing to actually being in Russia. Not only could you watch your favourite player hammer in goals from the top of the stadium, you could also see fans cheering below and managers going up and down the touchline in real time. You can get your seat in the crowd and watch your favourite game while getting a complete 360 degree view, in an immersive experience for a small cost. Never miss a game again.
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